About ClicQnet.com

ClicQnet.com is a new service, that enables candidate screening and recruitment in large volumes significantly easier, faster and more cost-effectively. It matches the best candidates with open positions by securing the best possible Culture Fit.

ClicQnet provides a more objective approach to recruitment, aimed at better retention figures upon placement by ensuring a better fit between the value preferences of applicants and organisational working practices measured within the hiring team (Culture Fit).

The service is designed and produced for high volume markets.

ClicQnet deletes the manual work at the beginning of a recruitment process in such a way that the best candidates can be presented immediately based on Hofstede Insights Culture Fit test report.

Some companies have challenges finding the right individuals, others have trouble screening the best from big masses. We here in ClicQnet solve both problems in one solution.

Thank you for choosing ClicQnet!

Erika Heiskanen


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As a Partner your organisation gets a chance to stand out as a game changer within the industry, by choosing a tool that takes your recruitment process to a more productive tomorrow. The Partner will gain the position of being one of the first ever company users of the product, contributing most valuable know-how and insights. Partnership speaks for pioneering.

Our marketing professionals serve your company in multi-channel solutions, using the best know-how and data to drive your objectives. Our Partner packages include both recruitment services in volume of your choice and native advertising productions to enhance other measurable objectives such as leads, traffic building and brand awareness.

All proposals will be tailored for your needs. Looking forward hearing from you!

Elli Mäkilä

Marketing Director